Customer Success Stories

Our customers trust us to deliver intelligent software solutions that help them meet their goals.

We work across all sectors and deliver next generation solutions, often in complex environments and with large-scale enterprise applications.

Mobile-Only Bank Case Study

Mobile-Only Bank

Building a mobile-only bank in one year: payment transaction processing, fraud prevention, financial reporting and back-office operations.

How We Helped
Telecommunications Case Study


Incorporating Big Data, data science and analytics for meaningful insights and new capabilities.

How We Helped
Human Resources Management Software Case Study

HR Management Software

Modernising an existing platform with innovative Open Source technologies.

How We Helped

We work with successful brands who are adopting innovative technologies:


The Case for Causal Data Science and AI
Causal inference, ML, AI

The Case for Causal Data Science and AI

Causal inference is beginning to interest more people and move outside the world of academics into the business world which is a positive for anyone looking to make better business decisions.

Four lessons big banks can adopt from challengers
Digital transformation

Four lessons big banks can adopt from challengers

Read our blog post to see how fintech have reshaped financial services for consumers and how big banks adapt and learn from these.

Solar PV Power Forecasting
Machine learning, time series

Solar PV Power Forecasting

Solar power is rapidly expanding. Learn how we used AI, ML for time series forecasting to help a European plant operator to have accurate forecasts, enabling better day-to-day business planning and operations.

ESG investing: Closing the gap with alternative data
ESG, impact investing

What is ESG and impact investing? Also their challenges, opportunities

Read our latest blog post to understand, also how alternative data can help to be at the forefront.

DataOps in Financial Services

What is DataOps and why is it so relevant to the financial services sector?

Read our blog post to understand how DataOps can transform the way data is managed.

Rate Swaps
Hubris Part I

Interest Rate Swap Pricing

An article demonstrating how to model and price an interest rate swap with core Java.

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