Bespoke Software

We provide software development services for any given business need. We can help from the start with ideation to translating requirements to building technology solutions.

Covering the entire software development life cycle, we start with business requirements analysis to create a technical specification and a project plan.

We follow Agile practices meaning that when we execute the project plan, work is organised into milestones and sprints. We’re transparent throughout the entire process.

We have experience of a wide range of technologies. Regardless of the chosen stack, we prefer open source technologies, lightweight, transparent frameworks and simple, yet robust architectures.

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Cloud-Native Enterprise

Whether you are just embarking on the journey, or looking for advanced optimisations, reducing costs and risks.

Being cloud-native goes beyond simply adopting the technology and rolling out cloud platforms for the sake of seeming like an adaptable organization. It’s also about cultivating a culture that is inherently interconnected and works expertly with cloud. Businesses need to recognise the possibilities cloud enables to drive fundamental change and enable strategy.

Businesses must connect the dots between traditional, IT-centric cloud adoption, which works towards their specific end goal, and experimentation. By aligning these two core adoptions and strategically combining them with a leadership ambition to drive meaningful change, businesses will empower themselves to break through to new levels of performance.

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AI Engineering

With a focus on developing tools, systems, and processes to enable the application of artificial intelligence in real-world contexts.

In contrast to the prevalent rush to develop capabilities and progress individual tools, AI Engineering asks a different set of questions: How can AI help humans achieve mission outcomes? What are the limits of AI systems in practice today? How can we ensure that ethical standards are upheld as AI systems are deployed?

The discipline of AI engineering equips users to develop systems across the enterprise-to-edge spectrum, to anticipate requirements in changing operational environments and conditions, and to ensure human needs are translated into understandable, ethical, and thus trustworthy AI.

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Customer Success Stories

We create solutions that enable businesses to reach innovative goals, whilst saving time and keeping costs down.

Mobile-Only Bank Case Study

Mobile-Only Bank

Building a mobile-only bank in one year: payment transaction processing, fraud prevention, financial reporting and back-office operations.

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Telecommunications Case Study


Incorporating Big Data, data science and analytics for meaningful insights and new capabilities.

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Human Resources Management Software Case Study

HR Management Software

Modernising an existing platform with innovative Open Source technologies.

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